For your wellbeing


I work with spirit guides

I channel and amalgamate a number of holistic disciplines to best suit your individual needs. I, with spirit, will unite the mind, body and soul as one, along with your life purpose on earth and through to the other side.
My passion with spirit is to bring peace to your life, guidance to illuminate and align your tired body and jaded spirit to all in a safe atmosphere.
All treatments are delivered with confidentiality, love and care for your highest goodness. Love from the Divine Source of energy is the strongest protection for our existence.

Reiki Intuitive Healing

Individuals / and your loving Pets. Safe, non-invasive, Complementary to traditional medical practice and treatments, therapy improves one’s Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual wellbeing.

Crystal Healing Therapy/ Chakra Alignment

Vibrational, positive interacting with the body's energy field/ unblock, focus and direct energy.

Space Cleansing – Home / Land / Place of Business

Make your space your own. Clear and cleanse negative stuck or stale unwanted energies, Spiritual Blessings, Guidance and advice to a happier positive environment.

Mirrors of the Soul is here for you. I will guide you, help you heal, remove negative energy, clear and align your divine potential. Place love in your heart and make you realise you are perfect.

Massage and Hot Stone Treatments

Healing relaxing treatments, Improve general overall health. (non – sexual) Ladies only.

Spiritual Healing / Aura Cleansing

Guided by Spirit for your individual specific condition. Clear, release past lifetime healing, Lift negative energy blocks. Alignment with the Divine Truth, love and trust.

ASMR Reiki (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response)

Calm the mind, stress anxiety relief, peace, repetitive sensory movements, feelings of well-being and Reiki combined.

Space and Wardrobe Wellness

Reduce and clear emotional baggage from your treasured possessions, disorganisation, overwhelmed & embarrassment.  Organised functional space that suits your lifestyle / Feel mentally free / Regain a sense of calm with organisation in your life, improved fresh, positive environment.